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Self Awareness Seminar | Industry Skills Training
Self Awareness Seminar - Industry Skills Training Seminar

On July 1st this year the Open Mat Martial Arts team ran a seminar for the Industry Skills Training group.
Participants covered aspects of situational awareness and also some basic techniques to assist in removing yourself from a situation quickly….

Permanent dojo for Gyokushin Ryu Aikido in Perth northern suburbs
Impromptu training at open mat martial arts new dojo

After over 35 years of martial arts training Sensei Colin has opened a permanent location for the Open Mat Martial Arts dojo, teaching Gyokushin Ryu Aikido in the Perth Northern suburb of Clarkson

Open Mat Martial Arts Timetable Changes and new dojo location.
Open Mat Martial Arts new timetable

Open Mat Martial Arts Timetable update and new dojo location. Mark these dates down…
Remember the world is your dojo.

No Gi martial arts training at OMMA
No gi martial arts training at Omma 5

OMMA opened up the new dojo this morning to do some no Gi martial arts training. … www.openmatma.com

OMMA is moving | Martial Arts for kids
Breaking news at Open Mat Martial Arts

Open Mat Martial Arts is moving to a new, dedicated full time dojo with classes for kids available soon. Find out more….

The world is your dojo! | Find martial arts near me

Regular training in your base martial art and the ability to empty the cup, become a student and learn new skills is essential in developing as a martial artist. – Check out www.openmatma.com

Changes coming to Open Mat Martial Arts

NOVEMBER is shaping up to be a huge month with big changes coming to Open Mat Martial Arts… check it out

Reach your goals | Martial Arts Perth Northern Suburbs
Colin Niland Sensei | Helping you reach your goals

Looking for great martial arts in Perth northern suburbs? Try Open Mat Martial Arts….

Learn to Kick with Power and Precision | Open Mat Martial Arts
OMMA | Traditional martial arts

Learn to Kick with power and precision. OMMA incorporates dynamic kicking techniques and drills into traditional martial arts training. Learn more …

What is Budo

Budo can be defined as the spiritual foundation for martial arts; the ethical code on which martial arts are based. ~ http://www.dictionary.com/browse/budo      

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