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Open Mat Martial Arts are changing their name – OMMA Budo

We are a budo school offering Gyokushin Ryu Aikido however our principle instructor Sensei Colin Niland has experience in a number of other styles, so we practice striking (atemi) and weapons along with the core Aikido Syllabus.

Self Awareness Seminar | Industry Skills Training
Self Awareness Seminar - Industry Skills Training Seminar

On July 1st this year the Open Mat Martial Arts team ran a seminar for the Industry Skills Training group.
Participants covered aspects of situational awareness and also some basic techniques to assist in removing yourself from a situation quickly….

Permanent dojo for Gyokushin Ryu Aikido in Perth northern suburbs
Impromptu training at open mat martial arts new dojo

After over 35 years of martial arts training Sensei Colin has opened a permanent location for the Open Mat Martial Arts dojo, teaching Gyokushin Ryu Aikido in the Perth Northern suburb of Clarkson

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